What Are the Signs of a Dirty Air Filter?

Air filters are designed to protect your engine from getting contaminated with dust and dirt. Over time, the air filters may become dirty, affecting the performance of your engine. It is best to know the signs of a dirty air filter to have it repaired before it results in profound issues.

Here are some of the common signs of a dirty air filter.

Slow Acceleration

If your car feels sluggish and slow to accelerate, there is a chance that the engine is not getting enough air. A dirty or clogged air filter reduces air passing or flowing to the engine, resulting in slow acceleration. The best remedy is to replace the dirty air filters with new ones.

Unusual Engine Noises

If you have been using your vehicle for a while, you probably know which sounds are expected and which ones are not. Usually, an engine produces subtle vibrations when turned on. Unusual sounds such as a popping sound or excessive vibrations could indicate that the clogged air filters are damaging the spark plug.

Excessive Fuel Consumption

If you notice that your car is consuming more fuel than usual, your air filters may be dirty. Air filters contribute to fuel efficiency, but if they are dirty, they result in reduced airflow. Your vehicle compensates for the reduced airflow by burning more fuel.

Engine Misfires

Do you have difficulty starting your car? If you do, there is a chance that there is something amiss with the air filters. Reduced air supply due to dirty air filters results in spark plug pollution and engine flooding. This, in turn, leads to engine misfires or difficulties in starting your vehicle.

Air Filters Look Dirty

New air filters are usually white or off-white. However, as they get dirty, the color becomes darker. You may not notice the change since the dirt may have accumulated on the inner layers, but a professional or an expert can quickly detect it.

You should make a point to take your car to your local auto repair shop regularly so that such problems can be diagnosed and repaired. If you need air filter replacement, feel free to contact or visit our auto repair shop for today!

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