Signs That Indicate It’s Time for A Brake Flush

While most drivers are familiar with motor oil and coolant, brake fluid may be forgotten. Brake fluid is a critical competent of the brake system. It ensures your vehicle can properly stop and slow down efficiently. As you drive, the brake fluid will start the decompose and get dirty. Flushing the brake lines can restore performance in one service. Without health brake fluid, stopping your vehicle can be challenging, rendering the drive completely dangerous. It’s not always easy to tell if your brakes need servicing. Below are a few signs that indicate that it’s time for a brake flush.

The brake fluid is dirty and discolored.
Brake fluid is usually similar to the color and consistency of vegetable oil. If your brake fluid looks brown or black, it’s time to be replaced. Make sure you also check the quality as well. Brake fluid that is contaminated with pollutants can also cause major problems.

The brake pedal is soft.
If you have air in the brake lines, it can cause the brake fluid to feel soft and spongy when you step on it. In severe cases, the brake pedal will move directly to the floor when you step on it. This is because the air can’t be compressed. And unfortunately, air doesn’t leave the brakes naturally. It will need to be flushed to restore full function.

The brake warning light comes on.
Vehicles are equipped with a sensor that can alert you when there’s a brake system problem. If your brake fluid is too, the ABD light will illuminate almost immediately. The moment you notice the brake light come on, seek assistance to have your brake system inspected. 

Brake fluid flush in Grand Rapids, MI

Neglecting your brakes not only causes costly damage but can make the driver more dangerous for you and your passengers. Dirty fluid can cause your brakes to fail when you need them most. If you notice any of the above signs, reach out to the brake experts at Auto Centric. We are locally owned and operated and have over 40 years of automotive experience. Click here to schedule an appointment.

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