How to Prolong Your Car’s Battery Life

Just like your phone battery to your device, your car battery is the electrical source for your vehicle. Your car battery plays a significant role in powering various components of your car: the radio, dashboard lights, car engine, and more. Battery maintenance matters more than ever now that summer is upon us. If you stick to the following tips, you can keep your battery running anywhere from 2 to 5 years.


Tips to help preserve the life of your battery:

Keep your car parked out of the sun (preferably in an insulated garage). Whenever you are not driving, the best place to situate your vehicle is in a garage. 

Keep your battery clean. Periodically open the hood of your car and inspect your car battery. It is vital to keep it free of dirt and unusual residues to charge optimally. If you notice any gunk on your battery, clean it off immediately. 

Make sure your battery is secured. You should ensure your battery is in its tray so it doesn't shift around. An unstable battery can cause it to hit the engine resulting in other problems. 

Recharge your battery. As soon as you notice the first sign of your battery being low, charge it. Try to keep a portable battery charger in your trunk for unforeseeable circumstances. 

Add distilled water to your battery. Believe it or not, but distilled water lengthens your battery life to its full potential. Additionally, it prevents fumes from building up inside the battery.

Limit short driving trips. Shorter car rides do not allow your battery to charge fully. It is always recommended to drive your vehicle frequently and for more extended periods to keep the battery going. 


Let us know if any of these tips helped you preserve your battery this summer. Besides your battery, your car should be on top of regularly scheduled maintenance for the summer. If you need any auto repair services, our technicians at Auto Centric can get the job done. We have over 40 years of automotive experience. Give us a call or visit us at our shop in Grand Rapids, MI. 

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