How to jump start a car

We all love our cars. But, they can sometimes place in very tricky situations. For instance, when a car battery is dead and you need to jump-start the car. Such moments can be very stressful. But, not to worry. Here, you will learn how to jump-start a car and make it to wherever you want to go. Read on and find out the steps you need to take.

1. First, check the jumper cables in your car. You will notice that they have clamps set with red and black marks. The red mark shows the positive side and the black represents the negative. These marks will help you know where to place the jumper cables on the battery terminals, which are also marked positive and negative.

2. Once you have checked the jump starters, ensure that you have, close to you, the car that you are going to use to jump-start your car. The two vehicles should not touch each other.

3. When you are done with the connections, turn the ignition on both cars off. Then, on the dead battery's positive clamp, connect one of the positive cable's end. Ask someone else to clamp the other end to the other positive side of the good battery.

4. After you have the positive cables connected to the positive clamps of the dead battery, connect the negative cable to the good battery's negative clamp. Then connect the other negative end to the negative clamp of the dead battery. Ensure that these two ends do not get into close contact.

5. When the connections have been made, start the car with a good battery. This will provide a substantial amount of electricity that will help jump-start the car. Once this is done, start the car with the dead battery. If nothing happens, check your cable connections and tighten them, if they are loose. If the car does not start, let the car with the dead battery run for almost half an hour to recharge the dead battery.

This process will help jump start your car. If you need a battery replacement, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today.

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