How To Determine If You Need Suspension Repair

All vehicles come with critical suspension components such as shocks and struts. Both of these parts are in charge of providing you a smooth ride from point a to point b. Most people often overlook these since we don't see them with the human eye. Without shocks and struts, you will not be able to maintain complete control and stability of your vehicle when driving. With such an essential role in your car, what are the malfunctioning signs of shocks and struts? 


Listed below are some of the most common signs of failing shocks and struts:

  • You feel an excessive amount of bouncing, rolling, or rocking while driving over rugged roads or railroad tracks. You may also feel the need to hold your steering wheel tighter to maintain control.
  • Uneven tire wear is another prominent warning sign of something wrong with your suspension system. Worn-out shocks and struts will hinder your wheels from maintaining proper contact with the road.
  • Worn shocks can occasionally cause steering wheel shakiness or vibrations.
  • Your vehicle is pulling left or right when applying pressure to the brakes.
  • You may also see fluid leaks pooling near the shocks and struts.

Ultimately, you can also try the bounce test to determine if you need suspension repairs. The bounce test is a quick and simple test you can do to determine if your shocks are failing. To do the test, you need to push down on each corner of your vehicle. If it takes the car more than a couple of bounces to stop bouncing and come back to its resting state, then it is a revealing sign that your suspension system needs attention. 


Suspension Repairs in Grand Rapids, MI

Even if you do not notice the symptoms right away, you should ask your trusted technician to inspect your shocks or struts during your following oil change! It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to shocks and struts, as it could impact other systems in your car (like steering). Losing the handling of your vehicle is a considerable risk to take. Please give us a call or visit Auto Centric today!

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