Here's What The Color of Your Fluid Leak Means

It's understandable to go in panic mode whenever you start to notice leaks around your vehicle. Most of the time, people will stress because they don't know where it could've come from. But, it's not that difficult to uncover the problem. All you have to do is put on your thinking cap and start inspecting as the color of the solution can be very telling. Here is a fluid guide to help you determine what kind of fluid leak you may be dealing with:


RED (OR PINK) -  Red or pink is usually the color of transmission fluid or power steering fluid. This type of leak may mean that you have a cracked transmission seal or a puncture in one of the lines that support the fluid between the different systems.


ORANGE - Rust is usually associated with the color orange. It can occur in your radiator by an antifreeze leak. However, old transmission fluid can also be orange. We advise that you get an inspection to make sure.


YELLOW - A yellow fluid leak is usually a radiator coolant issue. This problem could be the result of a loose hose clamp or broken o-ring. 


GREEN - Antifreeze is sometimes a bright green color. You can have antifreeze leaks in multiple areas of the car: the radiator, water pump, or hoses. 


BLUE - If you've noticed a transparent blue solution puddling near your car, it is most likely windshield wiper fluid. For this color leak, we suggest a general check-up of the wiper's components and fluid reservoir. 


CLEAR - Clear or see-through fluid leaking from your vehicle is usually not a problem. Most of the time, it's just condensation from your A/C system. If you're still worried, our technicians can do a comprehensive check-up on your cooling system to be sure.


DARL BROWN - Dark brown fluid leaking could mean numerous things. Old and overused motor oil can become a dark brown (almost black) color. However, brake fluid is also a dark brown color. To be sure of what it may be, bring your vehicle to a professional for proper inspection. 


Unless your fluid leak looks like water, you should never neglect any fluid leak. Ignoring your car's way of signaling trouble is simply going to worsen the problem! If you are experiencing unusual leakages, please give us a call or visit Auto Centric for further assistance.

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