Does the Cat Shield Really Protect My Catalytic Converter On My Prius?

There has been a major uptick in stolen catalytic converter units from Prius vehicles, particularly in model years 2004-2009, but up to 2015 models have been targeted. The reason for these targeted thefts is the precious metals that the catalytic converter units are made of.

What Is So Valuable In The Catalytic Converter

The Toyota engineers specifically designed the catalytic converter on the Prius for reduced emissions, and it is done with the use of a precious metal called palladium. Palladium operates in the catalytic converter and takes harmful gasses and changes them into less toxic vapors. Due to the scrap and resale value of the catalytic converter, thieves are simply jacking the car up a few inches, then disconnecting the catalytic converter, and making off with it before the vehicle owner has time to call the authorities to intervene. In most cases, this theft takes less than three minutes to complete.

The Cat Shield is specifically designed to bolt to the subframe of the vehicle with zinc coated rivet nuts, which prevent oxidation from occurring. It sits flush with the vehicle frame, and this unique and specialized design ensures that there is no rattling, noise, or vibration after the addition of the Cat Shield. However, don't let the simple design fool you. The Cat Shield does as it was built to do, which is protect your investment from would-be thieves by making access to the catalytic converter much more difficult to gain.

Of course, for added security, you can be mindful about where you park your vehicle. Try to park in a well-lit parking space, or in a parking garage to reduce the opportunity for theft.

Security systems on the vehicle should be engaged any time you are away from the vehicle, and if an area looks sketchy, simply don't endanger your possessions, and do not leave your vehicle unattended in questionable neighborhoods or parking lots.

If you do have a catalytic converter theft, be certain to report it to your local area authorities. Some precincts have set up online reporting for this type of theft, due to the increased number of reports.

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