5 Signs You Need a Heater Core Repair


As the weather continues to drop in Grand Rapids, MI, you wouldn't want your car's heater core to stop working right before winter. The heater core is the component that warms the air up when you turn up the heat in your car. It is also responsible for keeping the defroster's air warm so that it can clear your windshield for better visibility. At Auto Centric, our team can inspect and repair your heater core just in time for winter! Here are 5 signs that indicate you need heater core repair:

Fogginess Inside Your Car

Two things can only cause a haze inside your car. The first explanation would be that the heater core is malfunctioning, causing the defrosters to stop working. Secondly, the core itself could be blowing fog or smoke into your vehicle's cabin. 

Sweet Scent 

A sweet syrupy smell in your car is never a good sign. When the heater core leaks, it will leave behind the scent of coolant fluid through the vents.

Cold Air Blowing Instead of Warm Air

The heater core has passages that have hot engine coolant flowing through them before the coolant is delivered to the radiator. And the air blows over the hot coolant to heat it before it travels through your car's vents. If the air blown is cold when it should be hot, your heater core may be affected. 

Engine Overheating

Finally, the last (and most dreadful) sign that your heater core is malfunctioning is engine overheating. A coolant leak could have occurred with the heater core. Consequently, the engine will starve itself of coolant and overheat. This incident can be highly damaging to the engine and its related parts.


For five-star-quality automotive services and repairs in Grand Rapids, MI, please choose Auto Centric for the job! If you believe your heater core is corrupted, our team can thoroughly inspect and repair it for you. Please give us a call or visit today!

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