Power Steering Fluid Flush in Grand Rapids, MI

Power Steering Service

Power Steering fluid degrades with use and needs to be replaced to prevent system damage and costly repairs. Regular maintenance will greatly extend the life of your power steering system components.


Please request a current price. Costs vary depending on vehicle make and model. You can also check our auto repair specials.

How Often

Power steering fluid should be replaced every 60,000 miles. Over time the seal conditioners, lubrication, and anti-foaming oil additives break down and can lead to excessive wear. Flushing your vehicle's power steering fluid also cleans out accumulated metal trash created by normal wear which greatly extends the life of the pressure pump and steering gear.

Severe Service

Vehicles that operate under heavy loads in hot temperatures (e.g. RVs, delivery vehicles) or in situations where the steering is heavily used (e.g. city driving) can cause the fluid to overheat. If the power steering fluid has a dark brown or black color or a burnt smell it should be replaced more often. Severe service vehicles should have their power steering fluid replaced every 30,000 miles.


Fluid with a milky or glittery look is an indication of suspended metal particles. Although flushing the fluid will rid the system of these contaminants, a large amount of metal trash is an indication of a mechanical problem that should be investigated.

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