Automotive Filters Replacement 


We are happy to quote you a price for any filter. We try to stay very competitive when it comes to filter pricing. Prices do vary a lot from car to car, so we will need to know what kind of car it is to give you an accurate price. Always check our auto repair specials for any current deals!

Fuel (gas) Filter Replacement

No matter how careful fuel companies are some dirt, moisture and debris will get into the fuel that you put in your tank. The fuel filter will catch most of it, however, it can only hold so much material so the filter should be replaced if an interval is recommended in your owner’s manual. If excessive debris gets into the fuel injection system, it can
cause engine performance issues and damage sensitive parts.

Air Filter Replacement

The cleaner your engine stays inside the better. It will last longer and require fewer repairs. The air filter prevents dust and road dirt from entering your engine. We normally check the air filter during regular service at no cost (except for a few cars where access is not a quick task). Accumulation of dirt is generally easy to see giving us a good idea of whether replacement is due. This is the one filter that will have the greatest effect on your fuel mileage if it becomes too dirty.

PCV Valve and Breather Filter Replacement 

Depending on the type of engine, your car may have a serviceable PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve and/or breather filter. Their purpose is to reduce emissions by recycling the crankcase fumes into the engine to be burned. If they become too dirty or restricted a number of problems can occur including rough running, oil leakage,
excessive internal engine wear, and reduced life of your air filter. In some cases serious engine damage can occur.

Cabin Air Filter (heating and air conditioning filter) Replacement

The furnace and air conditioner in your house have a filter that you change regularly to keep your family from breathing a lot of nasty stuff (dust, pollen, mold) and to keep your house cleaner. Cars and trucks
today have essentially the same system doing the same thing. A dirty, musty odor or low airflow from your vents and ducts, or reduced heating and cooling are common signs of restricted cabin filters. Cabin filters should generally be replaced about once a year, or more often if you drive on a lot of dirt roads or notice insufficient function of your
HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system.

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