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Filter Replacement

Information about the benefits of regular filter replacement. Modern vehicles have a number of filters that greatly extend the life of your vehicle, prevent expensive repairs, and improve the comfort and health for vehicle drivers and passengers.

Fuel Filter Replacement

The fuel filter removes impurities, such as dirt, rust, and water from the fuel before it can contaminate the fuel system. With the high cost of complex parts in fuel injection systems, replacing the fuel filter is a procedure that will reduce the possibility of costly repairs to your fuel system.

Benefits of Replacement

The fuel system controls the amount of power you get from your engine by controlling the flow of fuel and air. Unfortunately, fuel isn't perfectly clean, so the fuel filter picks up any dirt that might interfere with the engine's performance. Over time, dirt and particles build up in the filter. The fuel filter must be replaced or it will reduce the flow of fuel to your engine, affecting your vehicle's performance.

Air Filter Replacement

Dust and grit is the greatest cause of decreased engine life. Engine air filters are the most important, and least expensive, service that a vehicle owner can do. The air filter will eventually become blocked by accumulated road dust. Replacing the air filter will let the engine breath and greatly increase your vehicle's fuel mileage and performance.

Benefits of Replacement

Your air filter plays a key role in preventing contaminants like grit, dust, and dirt from entering your engine. Air is drawn through the filter and to the cylinders where air and fuel combine to power your vehicle. A dirty plugged air filter will cause poor fuel economy.

PCV Valve and Breather Replacement Service

The emission PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve and filter work together to recycle toxic crankcase fumes created by the engine. These fumes are re-burnt to reduce air pollution and improve fuel efficiency. Failure to replace the PCV valve and filter can lead to problems like rough idling, stalling, high oil consumption, loss of power, excessive wear on internal parts, reduced oil and air filter life which all lead to expensive repairs.

Benefits of Replacement

PCV Valves and breathers are components of the pollution emission control system. The breather filters the air that is drawn into the engine by the PCV valve. Like the air filter, the breather protects the engine from dust and grit. Over time they become dirty and possibly even blocked causing decreased fuel economy, degraded engine performance and increased pollution emissions.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Cabin air filters clean incoming air for the car's heating and air conditioning system. First introduced in European vehicles, cabin air filters are becoming common on almost all domestic and Asian vehicles. Cabin air filters should be replaced on an annual basis.

Benefits of Replacement

Cabin air filters clean air entering your vehicle making the interior of the car a healthier place. Contaminants, such as pollen, dust, mold spores and smog, enter a vehicle's passenger compartment through the air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems. These contaminate accumulate in the vehicle making the air in the car many times dirtier than the outside air. The biggest indicator that your cabin filter needs changing is a musty odor. In addition to the negative health effects, a dirty cabin filter decreases the performance of the heater and air-conditioning system. A clogged filter can also place a strain on the heater/AC system and result in costly repairs. Motorists can protect themselves and their passengers from these containments by replacing the vehicle's cabin air filter annually or more often in areas with heavy containments.

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