Manual Transmission Repair Service in Grand Rapids, MI


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Manual Transmission Service

Regular servicing of your transmission can prevent expensive repairs. Just like changing your vehicle's engine oil, changing your transmission's oil will greatly extend its life. Another benefit of regular servicing is the detection of problems before they become major, expensive repairs. Transmission problems typically start out minor and get worse over time.

Why Change Transmission Oil

In a manual transmission, the major problem is metal particle contamination. This metal trash is created by the normal operation of the transmission's synchronizers, bearings, and gears. The resulting metal particles then circulate in the oil causing excessive wear on all moving parts. Since a manual shift transmission has no filter the only way to remove the metal contamination is to drain and replace the oil.

Transmission oil's main purpose is to lubricate and cool moving parts. The oil operates under extreme pressure. This causes special additives in the oil to eventually deteriorate causing excessive wear, difficult shifting, and transmission failure.

How Often?

Vehicle manufacturers often claim that under 'normal' driving conditions you never have to change your transmission oil. The problem is that very few vehicles are driven under 'normal' conditions.

If you drive in stop & go city traffic, experience outside temperatures regularly reaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit/32 degrees Celsius or higher, encounter hilly or mountainous terrain, tow a trailer, or operate the vehicle in salty air you should service your transmission every three years.

If your vehicle is used to tow a trailer, often carries heavy loads, or is used for commercial purposes you should service your transmission every year.


Changing transmission oil is a simple matter of draining the old oil and refilling with new manufacturer's recommended oil.

Bottom Line

Having your transmission regularly serviced will ensure longer transmission life and help you avoid costly repairs.

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