Automatic Transmission Maintenance in Grand Rapids, MI

Auto Care Tips

Automatic Transmission Service

Regular service of your automotive transmission can prevent expensive transmission repairs. Just like changing your vehicle's engine oil and filter, changing the transmission's fluid and the filter will greatly extend the life of your transmission. Transmission problems typically start out minor and get worse over time. Regular servicing can help catch problems before they become major, expensive repairs.


Your transmission transfers energy from the engine to the wheels. The transmission fluid lubricates, cools, and cleans the inside of the transmission. This fluid operates under high pressure and temperatures and eventually deteriorates which causes excessive wear and transmission failure.


Fluid Check

A transmission fluid inspection may indicate transmission problems. A transmission in good condition will have a clear red or amber colored fluid. The old, used fluid that is discolored or has a burnt odor is usually caused by overheating and may be an indication of internal wear and damage. Fluid with a milky color indicates a leak in the fluid cooler and engine coolant mixing with the transmission fluid.

Road Test

The Road Test consists of two segments: a stationary test and a driving test. Your transmission will be monitored for slipping, noises, harsh, soft or erratic shifting, as well as late or early shift patterns.

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