Why Is My Car Vibrating When I Brake?

You may be wondering why your car vibrates when you apply the brakes. There are different reasons for this. Find out what they are and how to fix them.

Your Brake Rotors May Be Warped or Uneven

Warped rotors will cause a pulsation in the pedal leading to discoloration of the pads on top of them. If this happens, it's best to take your car into an automotive repair shop for an inspection before any further steps toward replacing or repairing them.

In most cases, unevenness causes a slight vibration only when braking at high speeds. However, too much unevenness can wear out pads faster than normal because there is surface area touching them at once.

Heat Is a Big Problem

Heat can affect the performance of your brakes in different ways: It can melt rubber hoses and seals, causing leakage. If your car is experiencing vibration when you brake, high temperatures may be the cause.

Glazed Brake Pads

If you have glazed brake pads, it means the surface of your brake pad has hardened due to friction from braking. It can cause a vibration when you apply pressure on your brakes.

In this case, replacing your brake pads can solve the problem. The good news is that brake pad replacement kits are affordable—you can buy them online or at any auto parts store.

Worn-Out Brakes

Worn-out brakes can negatively affect your car's performance and fuel economy. Brakes that are not working will increase your stopping distance and fuel consumption, so drivers need to monitor their brake pads regularly for wear and tear.

How To Fix Vibration While Braking

A car's brake rotors are critical components that help slow the vehicle as it travels down the road. If a car is shaking excessively or vibrating in the front end, you may need to replace your brake rotors. Check the anti-vibration rubber on the brake drums.

It can be tough to deal with a vibrating car. But by keeping your brakes in good working order, you can avoid most problems. Even if the cause of your vibration lies elsewhere, you'll be well-prepared to handle it.

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