Why Does My Vehicle Smell Sweet and Syrupy?

The lovely smell of maple syrup: yummy at a Waffle House or IHOP but not inside or around your car. The smell of syrup isn't necessarily bad, but it can definitely signal a massive problem with your car. Today, we will talk about what that smell is, what it may mean, and what to do if you catch the scent.


We use our senses day in and day out. So whenever you notice something off about your vehicle, you're not crazy, and you should probably check it out. For this particular example, the smell of something sweet, like maple syrup, is no different. This smell is usually a sign that you've got a coolant leak.


Coolant (sometimes referred to as radiator fluid or antifreeze) is an essential liquid for your vehicle, and it has a vital job. It moves throughout the engine, hoses, radiator, and heater core. Coolant serves to regulate your engine's temperature to prevent it from overheating. The sweet solution also transfers the warm air in the winter to provide heat to your cabin heating and defrosting systems. 

If you catch the smell of maple syrup, then you should do some investigating around your vehicle and under the hood. Coolant is usually a vibrant green or yellow color, so it's not difficult to miss. If coolant leaks, your vehicle will not have enough of it to maintain a stable temperature. This makes driving your car considerably risky because it may lead to engine overheating. 


You must get your car to Auto Centric as soon as you detect this smell in your car. The experts at our auto repair shop in Grand Rapids, MI will perform a thorough inspection of the cooling system to pinpoint the leak and ensure that it is patched up quickly. Please give us a call or visit our auto repair shop if you need reliable auto services.

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