Why Does My car A/C Feel Warm

A broken AC blowing warm air is sure not a problem in the winter time however in the summer we need the opposite. If you've ever wondered why your AC was blowing warm air then read on!

Your AC blowing warm air could be a result of any of the following:

  • Malfunctioning condenser
  • Non-functioning compressor
  • leaking refrigerant
  • Malfunctioning electrical system

Malfunctioning condenser

The role/function of the condenser in an AC is to cool down the refrigerant so that it can continue to absorb the heat and humidity that the AC pulls. A broken or malfunctioning condenser means a breakdown in the entire functioning of the AC. In turn the AC will begin to blow out hot air.

Non-functioning compressor

As the main part of an AC, the compressor circulates the refrigerant through the entire AC system. If the compressor fails to carry out its function, the antifreeze fails to reach the condenser and thus it remains hot. You tend to notice compressor breakdowns after prolonged periods of not using your AC.

Leaking refrigerant

This is the most frequent cause of a car AC blowing out warm or hot air. The refrigerant is a liquid in your car AC responsible for keeping it cool. It does this by expanding and contracting as it carries out its function of eliminating heat from the AC cabin. If your refrigerant is leaking then the car AC will fail to function properly.

Malfunctioning electrical system

If your car AC blowing out hot air is not the result of any of the above incidents then it could be because of a malfunctioning electrical system. This could be anything from a blown out fuse to some frayed electrical wires.

How to maintain your car AC

There are other ways to have your car AC blow cool air all summer such as:

  • flushing your radiator
  • topping off your coolant
  • and also turning on your car AC more often
  • Checking your fan belt or having it checked

So, if your car AC is giving you problems and if you need a car AC diagnostics performed give Auto Centric a call today!

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