When Should I Change My Transmission Fluid?

Your car contains many fluids, transmission fluid being a crucial one. This fluid aids in lubrication to keep your vehicle operating smoothly and efficiently. Therefore, regularly changing the transmission fluid is recommended to maintain a healthy car.

Continue reading to know the recommended intervals to change your transmission fluid.

How Repeatedly Do I Require to Change The Transmission Fluid?

The frequency depends on the type of your car and transmission. Additionally, how you use your vehicle and where you drive it will determine how often you need to change your transmission fluid. However, according to most manufacturers, you need to change your fluid every 30,000-60,000 miles for manual cars. And every 50,000-100,000 miles for automatic vehicles.

Many mechanics advise against waiting for the 100,000-mile mark. Therefore, it's best to change every 50,000 miles for automatic cars. And depending on how intense you use your vehicle, manual transmissions require changing every 25,000 miles.

Your transmission fluid degrades with time. And some factors can accelerate the deterioration. For instance, if you drive in the city, you're forced to stop and go frequently. Such a situation increases the temperature and pressure of the fluid, accelerating the degradation.

Additionally, trailer towing and hauling bulky loads will cause faster deterioration. Therefore, it would be best to consult a professional mechanic or your owner's manual to find the ideal interval for your car.

How to Determine My Transmission Fluid Requires A Change?

It's vital to know the signs that can help you know when your transmission fluid needs changing. Here are a few;

  • Color- The transmission fluid has a bright red tone. But if it transforms to a darker color, then the fluid requires a change.
  • Smell- The fluid has a sweet scent. If it has an odor or burned smell, you need to change your transmission fluid.
  • Consistency- The transmission fluid is evenly smooth. Any debris present is a sign of changing your fluid.
  • Driving behavior- Transmission slips or noisy shifting can indicate that you should check and change your transmission fluid.

Automakers recommend having a trained technician check your fluid level since it's typically done underneath your vehicle. If you require a transmission service, we invite you to bring your car to Auto Centric today!

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