Top Winter Car Care Tips

With winter coming, it means Christmas is near and snow will cover the grounds. While it may sound beautiful and dazzling, the colder weather also brings a number of challenges for our vehicles. To ensure your ride stays reliable and gets you home for the holidays, there are some maintenance items that you should not skip!

Your vehicle’s battery is going to suffer from the drastic change in temperature as it needs a strong current to start the engine. You should have your battery tested to determine if it is strong enough to hold a charge. Use this time to clean off and corrosion as well. Otherwise, you may need to replace it.

It is vital that you check your tire treads before the bad weather hits us. Your vehicle needs even treadwear that is deeper than 4/32-5/32” to handle driving in the snow. For the very best tire traction, we recommend investing in a good set of winter tires. These are designed to work best in colder weather. The rubber is softer and more flexible. 

Windshield Wipers & Headlights
Visibility is crucial to safe winter driving. With less daylight and poor weather on our plates, these will allow you to see clearly though any conditions. If it has been at least 12 months since your last wiper replacement, please replace them soon. We can top off your wiper fluid too. Additionally, our technicians are happy to check to see if your headlights are properly lit and aimed. 

If you need assistance with the maintenance mentioned above, please call or visit Auto Centric today for top tier services and repairs. We promise to take great care of your vehicle year-round.

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