​​How to Protect Your Vehicle Against Random Road Debris

Good tires can be costly, which is why you need to be extra careful on the road to extend the life of your tires. Since a vehicle's tires are the only part that touches the ground, road debris, including rocks, gravel, branches, glass, debris, road salts, metallic objects, and more, can severely hurt your tires. When drivers notice road debris ahead, most of them don't have time to avoid it, so they end up obstructing it.

Encountering these unpleasant road obstacles is inevitable for most drivers. Even if the debris does not pierce your tire, it can cause your tires to wear down unevenly or prematurely. Below are several of our tips on how to drive with the following road obstacles:

  • Gravel/rocks  — If you have to drive on rough grounds or gravel roads, please remember to move slowly and cautiously. 
  • Branches — Slow down and try to change the lane safely if possible. If the branches or tree is too large, make sure to turn around and reroute safely.
  • Potholes — When you see these divots on the road, hold the steering wheel firmly, slow down, and safely proceed around the pothole. Do NOT go flying over these, as it could hurt your tires and alignment.
  • Metal Debris — Screws, nails, and other sharp pointy objects are common causes of flat tires and tire blowouts. Keep an eye out for these small, disguised objects. And if you do run over one, please see a professional for immediate repairs.
  • Road Salt — While road salt doesn't directly impact your tires, you must wash your car after the roads are clear. The salt content can wear down the metal parts around your tires and cause rust.
  • Broken Glass — Broken glass is commonly found in parks, sporting event areas, and accident sites. It can damage a tire and cause it to fail prematurely, so please avoid it if possible. 

You can ensure your tires last a long time by avoiding these road obstacles and getting your tire maintenance items done on time. Let the Auto Centric team help you with all your auto tire needs!

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