Can You Drive with a Bad Wheel Bearing?

A wheel bearing is probably something most drivers have not heard of before, but it is an integral part of your wheel, tire, and driveline. It connects the axle to the wheel and tire and allows it to spin. 


The component itself is held together by a ring and ball assembly. A good quality wheel bearing keeps your wheel intact and prevents it from wobbling. It connects to a hub that allows your wheels to spin as much as it needs. 

Can Your Drive with a Bad Wheel Bearing

If your wheel bearings are worn or faulty, you may only be able to drive for a short period of time. In the long run, you may notice unusual signs like humming noises, wobbliness, uneven tire wear, vehicle vibrations, pulling steering wheel, and more. When you notice any of the symptoms, please have a professional mechanic check your bearings during the inspection.


The sound of a bad wheel bearing is most noticeable. It can sometimes sound like humming, squealing, or even grinding. You’ll notice that it comes directly from the affected tire/wheel themselves. The longer you ignore the faulty component, the worse the noise will get. To prevent a potential accident, we highly recommend taking your car to Auto Centric as soon as you can. 


If you’re uncertain whether your wheel bearing is the problem, feel free to reach out to the certified professionals at our auto repair shop today. Our priority is to restore your safety on the road.

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