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I don't have to think when I need work on a car; I just call Auto Centric. We've relied on their excellent service for over two decades!

I do most of my own car maintenance, and am very particular about who works on my vehicles. I needed the timing belt replaced on a 1997 Lexus, and thought the job was a bit beyond my capabilities. I thoroughly researched capable shops in my area, and Auto Centric really stood out as the best. They did not disappoint. Their communication was excellent and their prices were very fair. They did EXACTLY what they said they would do for LESS than the quoted price. They were WELL worth the 100 mile trek from Saginaw. Truly outstanding!

I’ve continually been happy with the work on my vehicles, and i feel that they're honest individuals. i believe that’s key once you’re having somebody work on your automotive.

Great, auto repair service! I had my automobile repaired last week and it works great. I know my car now is safe for me and my family.

Satisfied with last service. Had belt on AC compressor changed ($900 vs $250). Techs were great working with me as a customer. Gave me different options with honest and good answers. Other stores didn't even talk about options... job would have cost me btwn $800-1,200 for the whole job... going with the option, I ended up paying $250 which fixed the problem.

Thank you so much for the excellent service you provided on our Chrysler. It's so nice to have such good and honest people working on our cars!

John and Karen L.

I’ve always been pleased with the work Auto Centric Repair (Ham’s) has performed on my vehicles, and I feel that they are an honest group of people. I think that’s key when you’re having someone work on your car.

Tim Lyke

Thank you to the staff at Auto Centric (Ham's Auto) I took my car in for an oil change and they made me aware of some thing's that needed repair. The item's that needed to be taken care of right away and the others that could wait. So I could budget accordingly. My husband is gone all week for work and I only have the one car. So I need to keep it running. Thank you for your honest service. You have a customer for life!!
Thank you,

Auto Centric (Ham's Auto) saved the day for me with my business truck. I had some unusual problems with it. Their service department jumped right on the diagnostics. The problem was very complex. Other shops did not have the equipment and/or know how to solve the problem. Thanks to them my truck is back on the road in a timely order working for me. Their staff is very professional with top notch communications. Auto Centric is now first on my list to call with all of my future automotive needs.

Thanks Auto Centric,

Wingate Farms

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